About Us



With a well-earned reputation for delivering consistent quality and rapid turn-around, Total Coats has been producing excellent powder coating outcomes to satisfied customers for 35 years.

Total Coats brings a wealth of experience and know-how to your projects particularly for complex shapes and large quantities.

Merv Sharp first opened the doors in 1983 and Total Coats has operated out of its site in Rosebank Road, Avondale since 1996. Merv’s goal for the business was To offer the best service and quality of any powder coating company in New Zealand.

By remaining consistent with this goal, the company has gained a collection of satisfied customers and completed over 125,000 jobs, achieving an annual turnover of more than one million dollars.

In 2012 Mark Sargent purchased the business and his approach was to retain all the inherent strengths of Total Coats whilst making improvements that directly benefited customers such as process management, equipment upgrades and supply efficiencies. The technical expertise of the team and the solid quality management approach has made an already efficient and successful business able to deliver even more.

Having performed management roles for companies like Amcor, Visy, Portola and consulting to Fonterra and Charlies, Mark was able to guide the business to another level. He purchased Auckland companies Kwik Strip and Atomic Stripping to extend the range of services customers could enjoy and grow capacity to provide excellent service and outcomes to even more customers.

Long term team members Trevor Bartlett and John Morman, who share 45 years’ experience between them, have remained a key part of Total Coats and have been involved in its evolution since Mark took the helm. Trevor and John run the operational side of the business, oversee quality control and ensure all customers enjoy excellent service. Their valuable knowledge and input ensure Total Coats can tackle any job and maintain the fastest turn around for powder coating services in the country.